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How to Unlearn a Fear in 5 Easy Steps

Exposure therapies don’t always have a lasting effect when treating phobias. Courtney Armstrong explains why, and offers a more effective alternative – RECON. Can you really eliminate a fear for good? Until recently, researchers weren’t sure. Extinction therapies such as prolonged exposure have been the gold standard for treating fears, trauma, and phobias. However, exposure […]

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4 Strategies to Jumpstart Progress When Therapy Stalls

Counselor Courtney Armstrong explains what can cause therapy to stall and offers 4 simple strategies for getting a client moving again when they have got stuck. What do you do when a client stops making progress in therapy and it seems like your sessions are going nowhere? There are many reasons why this can happen […]

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Using Paradoxical Interventions for Fun and Change

Thanks to Paul Leslie for contributing this delightful guest post about paradoxical interventions. Paul just released a wonderful new book called, Potential not Pathology based on how to incorporate techniques from Milton Erickson into your sessions. Paradoxical interventions could best be described as when a therapist directs his or her client to perform the very […]

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How to Connect to Your Higher Self

My friend and colleague Lisa Mitchell wrote this guest blog post and created an art therapy activity that expands on a guided imagery process we use in Rapid Resolution Therapy to reconnect you with your “Higher Self” or “Inner Light.” First, recall a memory of a peak experience you’ve had, or if you are working with a […]

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Using Mindfulness to Cope with Grief

Contrary to popular belief, current research suggests that grievers do not move through grief in a series of “five stages,” but instead tend to experience grief in cycles of recurring waves. There are high tides during which emotions are intense and the griever is preoccupied with feelings and thoughts around the loss, alternating with restorative […]

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