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Therapist and author, Courtney Armstrong discusses how light physical activity can be a more effective tool for reducing anxiety than relaxation techniques. Did you know that one of the best ways to reduce anxiety is to move your body? Most therapists are taught to teach their anxious clients relaxation techniques. But, if a client is […]

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Therapist and author, Courtney Armstrong discusses how demonstrating care toward someone after a traumatic event is the best way to aid their emotional healing. Brain science is finally validating what we intuitively know as therapists: people heal through feeling cared for by others. Whether you receive emotional support from compassionate friends or family members, or […]

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Lighten Up! How Being Playful Can Reduce Clients’ Resistance

How do you connect with clients who are guarded or resistant to change? Therapist Courtney Armstrong suggests that sometimes it helps to lighten up and simply play. (Photo courtesy of Jacob Love) Intuitively we know that humor and laughter are ardent antidotes for depression and anxiety, but many therapists avoid using humor for fear they […]

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What Are Your Emotions Asking You To Do?

Therapist and author, Courtney Armstrong explores the 7 Primary Emotional Systems and explains how they can inform your therapeutic practice. Many people come to therapy because they feel confused and overwhelmed by their emotional responses. Likewise, it is all too easy for the therapist to get overwhelmed and confused by their client’s emotions and not […]

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The Power of Music – Creating Playlists to Heal Grief & Trauma

Music is a powerful therapeutic tool. Author and Counselor, Courtney Armstrong describes how she introduced it into sessions with 2 clients – with impressive results. Did you know that using music in therapy sessions is one of the quickest, most powerful ways you can help clients overcome grief and trauma? Recent neuroscience studies validate the […]

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How to Unlearn a Fear in 5 Easy Steps

Exposure therapies don’t always have a lasting effect when treating phobias. Courtney Armstrong explains why, and offers a more effective alternative – RECON. Can you really eliminate a fear for good? Until recently, researchers weren’t sure. Extinction therapies such as prolonged exposure have been the gold standard for treating fears, trauma, and phobias. However, exposure […]

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