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Attachment and the Brain

The feeling nobody cared was worse than the violence “I’ve come to terms with the violence I experienced as a child. I don’t blame myself for that. I’m more haunted […]

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The Problem with the Borderline Diagnosis

Have we unfairly pathologized clients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder? In this case study I wrote for the Psychotherapy Networker, I share a surprising example of what happened when I […]

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Coping with Mass Tragedy

Hurricanes. Another mass shooting. Political crises. Seems anxiety is at an all-time high for us and our clients as chaotic events erupt around the world. How do you reassure clients […]

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Healing Traumatic Memories- Part 2

Recent brain research has revealed new clues to better guide us in the process of resolving traumatic memories. The key is lies in creating what is called a mismatch experience, or […]

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Healing Traumatic Memories- Part 1

Can you really eliminate the fear and distress associated with a traumatic memory? Until recently, researchers weren’t sure, but significant discoveries are now improving the way therapists treat traumatic memories. […]

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