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Coping with Mass Tragedy

Hurricanes. Another mass shooting. Political crises. Seems anxiety is at an all-time high for us and our clients as chaotic events erupt around the world. How do you reassure clients and help them find hope in the midst of turbulent times? In this post, I’ll share what seems to be helping my clients and want […]

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Healing Traumatic Memories- Part 2

Recent brain research has revealed new clues to better guide us in the process of resolving traumatic memories. The key is lies in creating what is called a mismatch experience, or new meaning experience. As I discussed in the first part of this article (“Healing Traumatic Memories, Part 1”), the memory network has the capacity to […]

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Healing Traumatic Memories- Part 1

Can you really eliminate the fear and distress associated with a traumatic memory? Until recently, researchers weren’t sure, but significant discoveries are now improving the way therapists treat traumatic memories. For decades, prolonged exposure has been the gold standard for treating fears, trauma, and phobias. However, people often drop out of exposure treatment before it […]

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“I know it’s irrational, but I can’t stop feeling this way.”

Therapist and author, Courtney Armstrong explains why our emotions can override our thoughts and how you can heal.  Do you ever feel nagging self-doubt or insecurity that you know is irrational, yet can’t seem to turn off? Often it is because we are still carrying around what I call a negative embodied belief that has inadvertently merged […]

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Turning Symptoms into Strengths

Do your client’s symptoms offer clues to their hidden strengths? Find out in this article Courtney wrote for the Psychotherapy Networker’s September/October 2016 issue. As therapists, we’re taught to be master detectives, methodically investigating our clients’ symptoms in search of a culprit—the source of their pain. But if we spend too much time preoccupied with our […]

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Therapist Courtney Armstrong interviews trauma survivor and author of Your Life after Trauma, Michele Rosenthal about how to reclaim your identity after trauma. How do you move forward after something happens in your life that challenges your ability to feel safe, secure, and hopeful? More important, how do you reclaim your identity when a life […]

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